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I Support the Restoration of California’s Salmon

Sign me up as a supporter of California salmon. I know it’s one of the state’s best sustainable foods that will be here for us for another 200 years + if only we manage our inland waters to allow them to survive. Our coastal and inland river communities depend on salmon coming back every year. Salmon provide a solid economic pillar in California’s economy and help make this state special. It also provides the public with a sustainable, locally-sourced food that is world famous for being healthy and delicious.

No More Fish Out of Water: Water is critical to salmon restoration. I support restoration efforts that include, as a first priority, restoring healthy river and Bay Delta flow conditions.

Water for All: An adequate, reliable supply is available for salmon, farms, industry, and urban residents if we manage it wisely. I support efforts that include investing in cost-effective proven water conservation methods.

Green Jobs for California: I support job growth for Californians. Salmon restoration will provide billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs for the state’s economy.

Lasting Sustainability: I support salmon restoration because it provides for economically sustainable commercial and recreational fishing industries that will thrive long into the future, for generations to come, not to mention a valuable food source for many.

United We Stand: I give my support for a united voice. We believe the public cares about a healthy environment, restored salmon fisheries, fishing communities and businesses. We call for balanced policies to restore and retain annual abundant salmon runs.

I Support California Salmon Restoration!

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